Best Cheap, Reliable Piwik Web Hosting Choices

Best Cheap, Reliable Piwik Web Hosting Choices

As you know, the quality of the web hosting service is indeed a significant factor when looking for the best web hosting company to host your company’s website. Aside from the service quality, performance, reliability and price are also things that would matter a lot when deciding which of the web hosting companies you should choose.

Those that make use of the Piwik open source web analytics must look for a company that provides high quality shared web hosting services that are optimized for Piwik. To help you decide, here are the top two best cheap, reliable Piwik web hosting choices.


Bluehost is one of the most reputable web hosting companies today. It was established in the year 1996 and since then, they have been offering some of the best web hosting packages for world class businesses that are looking to establish their own website.

Their excellent quality services make the company to land on the top spot of the best cheap, reliable Piwik web hosting choices. First of all, they developed a one click installer that is called the SimpleScript and such installer automates the installation of about a hundred widely used open source scripts that includes Piwik.

Because of such tool, beginners will no longer need to waste a lot of time in learning on how to get the software installed. Everything is on the control panel. All you need to do is to look for the cPanel icon and then choose “SimpleScript”. After that, select Piwik in the script list and read some information. Wait for a little while and the software will be installed automatically.


InMotion is another company that is known to offer the most affordable and reliable Piwik web hosting. The company is known to offer a lot of products and services and this includes shared web hosting, dedicated hosting, VPS hosting and many more.

With the varied choices, Piwik users will have enough flexibility to either downgrade or upgrade their hosting packages in accordance to their needs. Another great thing about InMotion is that they are known to provide the fastest web hosting services. It has spared no effort when it comes to speeding up their customers’ websites and just like with the Bluehost, they also have several first class facilities and makes use of cutting edge technologies when providing web hosting services to all their subscribers. Some of their best facilities are the factory tested Dell servers, BGP smarting routing, Cisco network and the Max Speed Zone technology.  Monthly hosting option here.

Technical Support

When looking for a web hosting company that has the most affordable and reliable Piwik web hosting packages, always make sure to choose one that provides 24 hour technical assistance. Fortunately, both the Bluehost and InMotion web hosting companies offer this service. Both companies provide technical assistance over the phone and through email. This is absolutely important because in the event that your website fails to function, this could have a big impact on your business. Aside from losing your customers, you will earn a bad reputation.

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