Best Online Security Web Hosting with SiteLock

Best Online Security Web Hosting with SiteLock

The security of your website should be your major concern. Because of threats from hackers, viruses and malware, you need to make sure that your website is protected against these hazards, and you can do this with the help of Bluehost’s website protection tool.

You can have the best online security web hosting with SiteLock. This security tool that is available to all Bluehost customers will help you give the best protection that your website and web hosting will ever need.

What SiteLock Can Do

Here are some things that Bluehost’s SiteLock can do for your web hosting and your website.

  • Scan Your Website for Trouble.

Bluehost’s SiteLock feature will scan your website for problems that can affect the security and performance of your website. This is really helpful if you want your website to be fully functional and available to your audiences around the clock.

This scanning process will enable you to determine potential problems that can pose a threat to your website, which can result to very serious problems if not resolved immediately.

  • Check for IP Blacklisting.

Bluehost’s SiteLock will also check if your IP address is blacklisted in any anti-spam databases. This is helpful because you will be able to know if your IP address is clean or not, which will help you get all of your emails to your contact in their inboxes.

Having a blacklisted IP address is never good so it is best that you have your IP address checked by SiteLock all the time. This will help prevent you from dealing with bigger problems caused by a blocked IP address later on.

  • Check for Database Vulnerability.

SiteLock will also check for database vulnerabilities, which will prevent your database from being susceptible against attacks. Database vulnerabilities such as SQL injections, unnecessary enabled features and broken configuration management will be detected. This will enable you to be able to fix things up and protect your database.

  • Remove SSL Certificate Notices on Your Site.

When things go wrong on your SSL Certificate installation or management, your website might display an SSL Certificate notice that your website visitors will see. This will make your audiences click away from your website, due to the potential threats that they think would affect their computers if they would visit your site. This is a nasty problem that can greatly affect your website’s performance and the traffic that your website receives.

But with the help of Bluehost’s SiteLock, the SSL Certificate notices on your website will be removed. This is a great feature because it will solve your problems concerning the decrease on your website traffic caused by those notices.

  • Security Badge on Your Website

Bluehost’s SiteLock will provide a security badge on your website.  This will indicate that your website is secured, which will make your website visitors feel more secured doing transactions inside your website.

When you get this feature, you will have the best online security web hosting with SiteLock, which will dramatically improve the performance of your website.


Best Online Security Web Hosting with SiteLock| Find Site Lock Host

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