Best Unix Web Hosting Services in 2017

Best Unix Web Hosting Services in 2017

Nowadays, many web hosting companies are offering Unix web hosting services but not all of them can provide what clients need. So, to help you find the best Unix web hosting services in 2017, here is a web hosting company that will surely feed your hunger for the best web hosting provider in terms of Unix web hosting.

HostMonster Web Hosting

HostMonster is the best Unix based web hosting in 2017. Read on to know why this is the best choice for Unix hosting.

  • Cheap Plans

HostMonster is one of the cheapest among web hosting providers. Their plans include a one year free domain registration that you can use as you please and the setup charge is free.

If you are looking for a monthly subscription, you can go for their monthly plans. Just pay the setup fee, which is about $30, and you’re good to go.

  • Sustainability

HostMonster is a very reliable webhosting provider with 99.99% uptime. Also, they use Quad Opteron servers that are monitored 24 hours a day to ensure that your website is running all the time. This ensures that your website will never be down when your visitors need them.

  • Unlimited Plans

This web hosting provider not only provides unlimited disk space and bandwidth; they also give you the advantage of having limitless email accounts. With these features, you can maximize your websites’ capability and potential without having to be concerned about the additional cost.

This means that you can enjoy having a reliable and sustainable site even during traffic surges.

  • Customer Support

Their customer support is also unrivaled. From their email support to their live chat and phone support, you can always be sure that your questions will be answered by professional customer support agents. They also have snail mail options, which can be used by clients who want to send a hard copy of their requests and questions.

For US residents, HostMonster offers toll-free numbers that can be contacted 24×7. This is a great support system since clients do not have to wait long hours just to get their queries answered.

Aside from their customer support, they also offer video tutorials that show how to do various minor troubleshooting as well as managing accounts and paying bills. There is also a forum for members where they can share their problems as well as answers to some issues that can help their fellow members solve issues without having the need to contact customer support.

HostMonster truly is a great Unix web hosting provider. Despite being affordable, they are able to provide great service to their clients. They are also quite reliable, which makes their clients’ sites reliable and sustainable as well.

So if you are looking for a web hosting provider based on Unix, you better grab one of HostMonster’s web hosting plan so that you can maximize your website’s potential. Choosing HostMonster will also enable you to increase your site’s traffic, which will ultimately lead you to an increase in conversion.


Best Unix Web Hosting Services in 2017

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