buy a Godaddy domain name and use Bluehost web hosting to build a website

Can I buy a Godaddy domain name and use Bluehost web hosting to build a website?

Can I buy a Godaddy domain name and use Bluehost web hosting to build a website? If you are a newbie in website creation, domain names and web hosting, you are probably asking this question. Because some web hosting providers that also sell domain names, and vice versa, are promoting their web hosting services along with the domain name registration services, you might feel compelled to sign up both services to a single provider. But that is not always advisable.

Registering your domain name and your web hosting on the same company is a bit risky because once you have an issue with your provider, they can shut down your website and your entire web hosting without your permission. They can also ‘kidnap’ your domain name once you have an issue with them. And because they are holding both, you won’t be able to do a thing about it. You might just as well give them up, even after years of your effort, time and other resources have already been put to your projects.

Why Getting a Domain on GoDaddy and Web Hosting on Bluehost is a Great Idea

So, it would be great to register your domain name on a reputable domain name registrant like GoDaddy. Signing up for a web hosting account on a trusted web hosting provider such as Bluehost is also a smart move. You won’t have to think about problems and issues when you sign up to these two providers as they are both reliable, credible and are able to provide you with the service that you need.

You just need to set up your domain name and your web hosting so that they will be connected to one another. Doing so will enable you to create a website that uses your GoDaddy domain name and Bluehost web hosting.

  • Set Up Your Bluehost Web Hosting

Just log in to your Bluehost cPanel then go to the ‘Domains’ category. Click the ‘Addon Domains’ then provide your domain name on the field provided for it. You should also provide your desired ftp username and password. You will use these details to log in to your ftp client whenever you want to upload files to your server, which will be saved on your domain name root directory, which you will also have to provide a name for.

Once you’re done, hit the ‘Add Domain’ button and you are done.

Remember to change your GoDaddy domain name’s DNS to Bluehost nameservers so that it will point to your web host server. Also, wait for at least a whole day, maximum two days, for the DNS changes to take effect. After that time, you can start uploading files on your server, via ftp, to see if your website is already working.

But if your domain name still points to GoDaddy’s standard web server, contact their support team to ask for help. Perhaps you have done an error and their support team can help you with that. You can also try talking with Bluehost’s support team just to be sure that the error can be fixed.

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