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InMotion vs. Fatcow – Guide to Help You Decide What Web Hosting to Choose Fatcow and InMotion are two of the best web hosting companies these days. They are known for having the best price, great features, excellent uptime, fast speed and efficient technical support. Both companies offer almost the same types of web hosting […]


Choosing Between a Dedicated Server vs. VPS Web Hosting. What’s the Difference? Choosing between a dedicated server vs. VPS web hosting can be difficult if you don’t know the difference between the two hosting plans. So before you make a decision, you should know the difference between the two so that you can maximize the […]


Find Out Why Linux Web Hosting is Better Than Windows Hosting Operating systems are one of the most important components in website creation. Because an operating system is the backbone of website creation components, it should be considered carefully. An operating system is the one that primarily establishes that strength, security and sustainability of a […]

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Why you Shouldn’t Use Go Daddy Hosting Whether you are looking for a web hosting service provider to create your own website or to transfer your existing website to a new web server, do yourself a favor and don’t consider GoDaddy. Go Daddy has lots of complaints from customers who have used their web hosting […]