configure GreenGeeks web hosting to use a GoDaddy purchased domain name

How to configure GreenGeeks web hosting to use a GoDaddy purchased domain name?

If you have already purchased a domain name from GoDaddy but thought that you want another provider, say, GreenGeeks, to host your website, you might be asking this question now: ‘How to configure GreenGeeks web hosting to use a GoDaddy purchased domain name?’

Well, buying a domain name from GoDaddy is a smart move as their domain names are cheaper and they are a good provider of domain names. But when it comes to web hosting, you might look for other web hosting providers. Same goes for GreenGeeks. They are a great web hosting provider but their domain names are free but you will have to pay for huge transfer fees once you need to renew your plan, which is not a great idea. So, buying a GoDaddy domain name then hosting it with GreenGeeks is a great move as you are availing the good services of both companies which will avoid compromising your website in the future.

Setting Up GreenGeeks Web Hosting for a GoDaddy Domain Name

But unlike purchasing your domain name and your web hosting on the same provider, you will have to set up your web hosting from GreenGeeks before you can use GoDaddy’s domain name for your website. But, there’s nothing to worry about. It is just a simple task and you can finish this within minutes, regardless of your knowledge or experience in website creation.

  • Setting Up Your GreenGeeks Web Hosting

To set up your GreenGeeks web hosting, log in to your cPanel then click the ‘Addon Domains’ under the ‘Domain’ category. Enter the domain name from GoDaddy that you want to use for your web hosting. Make sure that the domain name is accurate so that you won’t have any problems on your domain name and website once you have already uploaded your files and want to launch your site.

  • Providing Login Details for Your FTP Account

You should also provide a root-folder/directory name for your domain name so that it will be used as the storage of your website files for your domain name. Once you provide a directory name that is not still existent, it will automatically be created for you. This is the place where you will upload your website files via ftp client so that the said files will be available and accessible on the Internet.

You should also provide a password for your domain name, which you are going to use to log in to your ftp client whenever you need to upload, edit and delete contents on your server. Make sure that you keep this information on a safe yet accessible place so that you can use it whenever you need to. Without these, you won’t be able to log in to your ftp client, which will make it hard for you to access your website’s files.

After setting up your GreenGeeks web hosting for your GoDaddy domain name, make sure that you change your domain name’s DNS settings and use GreenGeeks’ nameservers so that your domain name will point to your website and not on GoDaddy’s standard webpage.

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