Directions to Leverage Domain Name with Hostgator Web Hosting

Directions to Leverage Domain Name with Hostgator Web Hosting

If you are using Hostgator for your web hosting services, but your domain name is provided by another company, then you should learn the process of how to change the name servers to be used for your hosting account. One of the most popular domain name registrars right now is the It is a UK based domain name registration company that sells various web hosting products and services, too. They also have ecommerce packages and several different kinds of ecommerce related services. If you are using a domain name from and your web hosting services is provided by Hostgator, then this article is for you for it will show you the directions to leverage domain name with Hostgator web hosting.

All about

The company has been known to provide excellent products and services when it comes to web hosting most especially ecommerce related hosting packages. As a matter of fact, the company claims to have registered more than three million domain names and hosted almost two million websites which makes them to become the biggest domain provider all over the United Kingdom. The company belongs to the Host Europe Group of Companies, one of the largest web hosting companies all over the Europe.

How to Change Name Servers with

As stated, before you can make use of your domain name from, you must first change its name servers. Hostgator does not have the means to modify the name servers of but what they can do is to provide you with instructions on how you can change the name servers on your own.

The process is easy and it begins by knowing which name servers you must use for your hosting account with Hostgator. This will pretty much depend on the type of server and hosting services that you use. There are also instructions that Hostgator will provide if you want to find out how to determine what your name servers are.

Step by Step Process of Changing the Name Servers

Here are the steps on how you can change the name servers for your hosting account:

  • First of all, log in to your account with
  • Refer to the Domains section and then choose the domain on the drop down menu.
  • Click the Manage option. Remember that if you are trying to modify a top level domain, such as .net, .com, .org, and others, you must first unlock the domain name before updating the name servers. This can be made possible by going to the Manage Domain Locking Section. Click on the Unlock Domain.
  • You will then have to click on “change name servers” afterwards.
  • Type in the name servers that you will find on your welcome email from Hostgator.
  • Click the option that says “change name servers”.

Please note that as soon as you have modified or changed your name servers on the registrar, you will have to wait 24 to 48 hours before you can use your email and website since DNS propagation will have to take place.

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