Does Arvixe Web Hosting Work Well for Joomla Websites?

Does Arvixe Web Hosting Work Well for Joomla Websites?

As you know, Joomla is an open source CMS that is very popular among web masters these days. It is also the perfect choice for ecommerce sites due to its powerful features as well as its several free plugins and great themes. But a lot of people would ask, what would be the best web hosting provider that will work well with Joomla sites? Does Arvixe web hosting work well for Joomla websites? The answer to this is yes. On this review, you will find out why Arvixe is the most preferred web hosting provider for Joomla sites.

All about Arvixe

Established in the United States in the year 2003, Arvixe is a hosting company that provides a wide range of hosting products and services. The company has been recognized as among the fastest growing hosting companies all over the world. In addition, Arvixe has received a lot of prestigious awards due to its reliable and very affordable hosting services.

Most Affordable Joomla Hosting Provider

One of the reasons why a lot of web masters would prefer Arvixe as their hosting provider for their Joomla sites is because of its affordable price. Indeed, Arvixe offers a lot of cheap hosting packages and the prices start at $4 per month.

You can even take advantage of the discounts that the company is offering, such as 20 percent discount for a two year plan. What’s more, the company is offering a 60 day money back guarantee which means that you have the option to get refunded if you will cancel the service within 60 days.

Arvixe Review on Features

There are various things that one should consider when looking for a web hosting provider for your Joomla site. What’s great with Arvixe is that it offers everything that you need in order to keep your site running smoothly.

For example, one of the hosting packages that Arvixe offers for their customers who have Joomla sites is the one that comes with unlimited space and data transfer. This means that customers will get a lot of space and bandwidth, allowing them to expand their website even more.

In addition, customers will also get the latest version of MySQL as well as the dual versions of PHP. It also has a default installed mod_rewrite module that helps you to achieve a much better SEO for your site. And in order to make your website even more secure, their PHP runs in suPHP through the Arvixe server.

Arvixe Review on Reliability

Arvixe is proud to say that their services are highly reliable and customers can guarantee an almost 100% uptime performance. As a matter of fact, Arvixe is well capable of providing full uptime for the website due to its first class technologies and high tech facilities.

The company makes use of Dual Quad Core Xeon servers that come with RAID 10 storage. Aside from the powerful servers, Arvixe also has two top of the line datacenters located in Houston and Dallas and both are equipped with powerful and multiple connections that help to minimize interruptions and service failure. This ensures a better performance for your Joomla site, which is important especially for those who have ecommerce sites.

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