Guide to Drupal Website Creation Using Hostgator Web Hosting

Guide to Drupal Website Creation Using Hostgator Web Hosting

Creating a Drupal site on Hostgator is quite easy. Because Hostgator web hosting is quite compatible with Drupal, creating a site is never a problem. The web hosting features that are offered by Hostgator are quite useful for using Drupal, which makes the whole website creation process much easier and faster.

Here is a guide to Drupal website creation using Hostgator web hosting to those who are interested on how these two work together. This will help you learn more about Hostgator’s services that you can use to maximize your website’s potential.

Why Choose Hostgator for Drupal

When using Hostgator with Drupal in creating websites, here are the things that will make your task easier.

  • Compatibility

In terms of compatibility, the two are well-suited with each other. Because Hostgator provides all the requirements of Drupal to run smoothly, it is quite attuned with Drupal. This makes the whole process of making websites a lot easier and faster. Because there are no incompatibilities between the two, you won’t have to face issues that can hinder your website’s progress.

Hostgator has the following configurations, which exceed the requirements of Drupal’s 7.22 and beta 8.0-alpha versions.

    • MySQL 5.5.23
    • Apache 2.2.23 is pre-installed with mod_rewrite and is the default for improved SEO
    • Enhanced security through suPHP
    • PHP has dual versions; 5.3.23 and 5.4.11
  • QuickInstall

The installation of Drupal is also very simple, thanks to QuickInstall. With just a click of the mouse, you can install the whole Drupal system on your server.

Manual installation can take a lot of time, which is not good for webmasters that are too busy working on several projects. But with instant installation, webmasters can make things a whole lot easier, maximizing their time and potential.

  • Uptime and Speed

Hostgator is known for its sustainability. Their uptime is great and the speed of their servers is also commendable, making them a great choice for any kind of project or website.

Their servers and data centers are equipped with hi-tech systems and networks that ensure that the connection is never compromised. The 24×7 monitoring of the servers, in the data centers, also add to the sustainability of the web hosting services.

  • Support

As for support, Hostgator delivers. They offer all kinds of communication methods to clients so that each customer can contact them and be given proper assistance any time of the day. From their email support to their live chat and phone support, Hostgator’s customer support team are able to give advice and assistance to all of their customers promptly.

  • Price and Discounts

Even though Hostgator offers great services and multiple features to each client, their hosting plans are still affordable. Their three plans, the Hatchling, Baby and Business plans are priced very affordably so that even newbie webmasters, who do not make income from their work yet, can sustain their projects. Their plans start from $3.96 to $10.36 only. They also provide discounts.

HostGator is a great web hosting provider in terms of pricing, features, support and reliability. This are the reasons why they are the best choice for Drupal.

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