Guide to Joomla Website Creation Using Hostgator Web Hosting

Guide to Joomla Website Creation Using Hostgator Web Hosting

Hostgator is not only a great web hosting provider, it is also the best web hosting provider for Joomla. And of you want to maximize your site using Hostgator, you need a guide to Joomla website creation using Hostgator web hosting. This will ensure that you can get the most out of this great web hosting service.

Why Hostgator is Great for Creating Sites using Joomla

Here are some of the reasons why Hostgator is the best web hosting service to use when creating sites with Joomla.

  • 100% Compatibility with Joomla

The number one reason why Hostgator is the best web hosting service for creating sites in Joomla is because it is quite compatible with Joomla. The features that Joomla requires to run smoothly are fully met by Hostgator:

    • Support for the latest Joomla version; ver 3.1
    • PHP runs as suPHP so that the Joomla security is increased
    • The apache mode_rewrite is simple so that the URLs optimized are easily found by search engines
    • Apache 2.2.23 and PHP 5.3.23 and 5.4.11 and MySQL 5.5.23 version are available
  • QuickInstall

Hostgator provides QuickInstall to their clients so that the latter can install Joomla in just a single click of the mouse. Because Joomla is tricky to install manually, Hostgator has provided such a tool so that the installation process is easier and much faster.

  • Pricing

Hostgator also offers a good pricing bracket for their web hosting plans, which is quite beneficial to their clients who want to maintain a Joomla site for as long as they want. Their hosting plans start at a mere $3.71 a month for the Hatchling plan. Their Baby plan is priced at only $5.96 and their Business plan is only $9.71 a month.  Click here for even better deals on Hostgator hosting.

Their dedicated IP for their Baby plan is only $2.00 per month, which is also quite affordable.

  • Features

Despite the pricing of their plans, Hostgator offers great features that are surely beneficial for Joomla users. From the hosted domain names to the shared SSL Certificates, Joomla users will definitely benefit from these features. Ruby on Rails, SSH and MyPhpAdmin are able available in all of the plans. Additionally, instant backups are also available on all the web hosting plans, including the Hatchling plan.

  • Performance

When it comes to performance, Hostgator is also outstanding. Because the servers are located in strategic places, websites are guaranteed to load faster and the files are available where clients’ visitors are, which makes the file transfers faster.

The monitoring of the servers also ensures that the servers are secured.

When it comes to Joomla web hosting, Hostgator is the best. Aside from the pricing of their hosting plans and the features, the web hosting provider’s customer support is also a feature to look forward to. Clients can contact the customer support whenever they need to and however they can. Phone calls, live chat and emails are answered immediately, which enable clients to have their problem resolved without waiting for long periods of time.

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