Here’s How to Use Hostgator Hosting with TierraNet Domain Name

Here’s How to Use Hostgator Hosting with TierraNet Domain Name

Perhaps, you are using Hostgator as the web hosting provider for your website. However, your domain name is from TierraNet and you are now in a dilemma on how you can create your website. The great news is that it is definitely possible for you to build your website even if your web hosting services is from Hostgator and your domain name is from TierraNet. In fact, you can use any domain name provided by a third party domain registrar even though your hosting provider is Hostgator. Here’s how to use Hostgator hosting with TierraNet domain name.

All about TierraNet

It was in 1997 when TierraNet was established. The company aims to provide high quality and affordable DIY web hosting solutions to all customers. They will provide a helping hand to get you started in the World Wide Web and their customer service team that’s based in the United States will guide you through. TierraNet has a passion for excellent quality service with affordable pricing and allows you to enjoy all the benefits of having a corporate web hosting minus the “red tape”.

What are My Name Servers?

Remember that before you can make use of your domain name from TierraNet, you have to first change or modify your name servers. But do you know what your name server is? To find out what name servers you should use for your hosting account with Hostgator, you need to refer to that welcome email that you have received the moment you sign up with Hostgator. It should indicate on the email on what name servers you should be using. As soon as you have identified your name servers, you will then be able to change or update your name servers so you can use your domain name for your website.

How to Change the Name Servers

Hostgator has provided some instructions on how you can change or modify your name servers at your account at TierraNet. Here are the steps:

  • First, log in to your account at
  • When you are logged in, look for Domains. Then click on the Domains Home, right from the drop down list.
  • After that, click the “advanced settings” and choose name servers.
  • Click edit and then choose the domain name that you need the name servers to be updated.
  • Delete the name servers that are currently on the list.
  • Type in the name servers that you have found on the welcome email that you received from Hostgator.
  • You can choose to preview the changes before you click save. If you think everything is all set, simply click on “confirm” and the changes will be saved.

Please note that as soon as you have confirmed the changes, there will be DNS propagation that will happen. This will take 24 to 48 hours and during this time, your email as well as your website will not be available for you to use. Hostgator customers who want to change their DNS domain should refer to the control panel interface of their Hostgator account.

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