How to Add SSL Security to Blue Host Website

How to Add SSL Security to Blue Host Website

Knowing how to add SSL security to Blue Host website is important because it will protect your website and your users against third party attacks, viruses and malwares. Having a security seal from Bluehost SSL Certificates will also tell your users that you are protecting their information. This means that they are safe doing transactions inside your website, such as providing credit card information or personal/contact information.

Because of this, your website will be much more trusted and frequented by your target customers. That is why there are Bluehost SSL Certificates for sale – for the protection of your website and your customers.  You can either use cheap Godaddy SSLs, or buy a SSL directly from Blue Host.

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Putting SSL Security to Your Bluehost Website

Putting SSL security to your Bluehost website is very simple. Follow the steps below to start protecting your website and your customers from potential threats that could not only jeopardize your business but could also do harm to the lives of your website users as well.

  • Get a Bluehost Account.

If you haven’t had a Bluehost account yet, sign up for an account. Choose the most appropriate web hosting plan for your website’s needs. But if you already have a Bluehost web hosting account and you already have a website that you want to protect, simple log in to your Bluehost web hosting account.

  • Purchase Directly from Your cPanel.

You can order or renew your SSL Certificate directly from your cPanel. You just have to log in on your cPanel and go to the SSL Certificates category by clicking the ‘SSL Certificate’ tab. Press the ‘Order SSL Certificate’ button.

You will be sent an email to the email address that you have provided. This will contain the validation code and the link where you need to enter the code. This is for your security so that you will be sure that no one else can download or use your SSL Certificates from your Bluehost account.

  • Wait for the Changes to Take Place.

If you have followed the directions in the email correctly, you would just have to wait for the changes to take place. The propagation of your SSL Certificate will usually take around a few hours only. There are times, though, that the propagation can take as long as 24 hours but do not worry, your website will be up and running after the propagation period.

Ordering an SSL Certificate from Bluehost cPanel is an easy and fast way to protect your website so go ahead and order one. You just need a Bluehost web hosting account to be able to do so, which is quite easy and fast to do. Choose the best type of SSL Certificate according to your needs. Protect what’s important to you.

You can also use Bluehost’s free shared SSL Certificate for every web hosting account. So even if you do not have the resources yet or you just want to try out Bluehost’s SSL Certificate, you can easily install their free shared SSL Certificate. You can also purchase SSL Certificates from third party certificate authorities.


How to Add SSL Security to Blue Host Website| BlueHost SSL Certificates

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