How to Build a Custom Website Using WordPress

How to Build a Custom Website Using WordPress

Creating a custom website may seem hard to do because of all the work that you have to put on creating, editing, arranging and managing all of the web pages and the content of your website. But this process can be shortened and made quite easy through the help of WordPress. Unlike the common perception of people about WordPress, this open-source software is not just a blog platform anymore. WordPress has evolved into a content management system, which enables its users to create custom websites.

So if you want to create a custom website, you should learn how to build a custom website using WordPress.

Creating a Custom Website through WordPress

Here is a simple guideline on how you can create a custom website – not just a blog – using WordPress.

  • Find a Good Web Hosting Provider.

Before you can use WordPress to create a custom website, you should sign up for a web hosting account first. Bluehost is the best Word Press web hosting because of its various useful and easy to use tools.

Sign up for a Bluehost account first so that you can use the Simple Scripts tool to help you install WordPress without hassle.

  • Install WordPress on Your Bluehost Account.

After signing up for a Bluehost account, log in and go to the cPanel and click the ‘Simple Scripts’ icon at the ‘Softwares/Services’ category. Select ‘Wordpress’ then click the ‘Install’ tab. Wait for a couple of seconds as WordPress installs on your Bluehost account. Write down the site URL, login URL, username and password of your WordPress blog.

  • Edit Your WordPress Custom Website.

Go to your ‘Dashboard’; the place where you can edit and manage your WordPress website.

  • Choose a Theme.

Just go to ‘Themes’ on the left panel on your ‘Dashboard’ and click ‘Install Themes’. You will be able to choose from hundreds and thousands of themes that you can use for free. Choose the one that you want and activate it.

  • Edit the Elements.

You can change the site title, subtitle and other elements on your website by going to your Dashboard and editing the necessary elements. You can instantly add a blog post if you want to create a blog. But if you want to create a custom website, you should add ‘Pages’ so that you can create custom content.

  • Add Static Pages and Content.

Go to your Dashboard and add a page through the ‘Pages’ tab on the left panel. This will be a static page where you will put your content. Choose the page that you want to edit and start putting content on your static page. You can add texts, images, videos and more on your static page.

Adding pages and putting content in there will make your website customized, instead of just a regular blog. If you want to know how to build a custom website using WordPress, you can view the videos of Bluehost on how to create a website through WordPress and Bluehost – the best Word Press web hosting.


How to Build a Custom Website Using WordPress| Find Best WordPress Host

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