How to Create Hostgator Web Hosting Site with FastDomain Domain Name

How to Create Hostgator Web Hosting Site with FastDomain Domain Name

If you are creating a Hostgator web hosting site, but you are using a domain name coming from another domain name registrar, such as FastDomain, then this article is for you because it will teach you how to create Hostgator web hosting site with FastDomain domain name. Here, you will find out the steps on how you can change the name servers for your hosting account so you can use it for your Hostgator web hosting site. Remember that Hostgator cannot change the name sever for you. You have to do it yourself on your FastDomain account. But don’t worry, because Hostgator has provided instructions on how you can do it on your own and the process is so easy. It will take up only a few minutes of your time.

All about FastDomain

FastDomain is a web hosting company that has been offering different kinds of hosting solutions and other web hosting related services to millions of businesses as well as personal websites from 2005, the year it has been established. The Internet hosting packages that the company provides help a lot of individuals and online entrepreneurs to achieve high powered services at very reasonable prices.

FastDomain is also among the best domain registrars. They also provide security software and tools to keep your business safe. The company is confident that they can provide you with utmost level of support to help get your website going. They have a team of friendly and professional staff that will address your every need.

Using FastDomain Domain Name for Hostgator

It is okay to use the domain name from FastDomain even if you choose Hostgator as your web hosting service provider. But before you can do so, you have to first modify your name servers. Hostgator cannot do this for you but they can definitely assist you in doing so. If you refer to the website of Hostgator, you will find instructions on how you can change name servers from third party domain registrars.

To modify your name servers, you have to first determine the name servers for your hosting account. You should know which name servers you will use for your hosting account and remember that this will vary depending on the server and the hosting type. If you need help in determining your name servers, check out the “What are my Name Servers” article on the support section of Hostgator’s website.

Changing the Name Servers

As mentioned, Hostgator cannot modify the name servers for you but they will provide you with instructions on how to do it. Refer below for the steps.

  • First of all, sign in to your account at FastDomain and you will then be taken to the control panel.
  • Refer to the Domains section and then click on the “Domain Manager”.
  • Choose the domain name.
  • Refer to the tab for the name servers and then click on “use custom name servers”.
  • Type in the new name servers and then click save.

Right after you made the changes to your name servers, there will be DNS propagation that will take place for 24 to 48 hours. During this time, you will not be able to get access to your website and to your email as well.

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