How to Get a Dedicated IP Address on Shared Web Hosting

How to Get a Dedicated IP Address on Shared Web Hosting

There are many reasons why you have to know how to get a dedicated IP address on shared web hosting account. If you are creating or already maintaining an eCommerce site, you have to have a dedicated IP address so that you can install an SSL Certificate, which will protect your website from potential threats such as attacks from third party entities, viruses and malwares. You should also have a dedicated IP if you do not want to be impacted by the activities of other web hosting users.

Having a dedicated IP is also helpful if you want to run special scripts. It will also enable you to use certain software because it opens certain ports that some software need.

Getting a Dedicated IP Address

Getting a dedicated IP address is really simple. You do not need to make special requests or do a lot of procedures just to get a dedicated IP address. Just follow the steps below and start enjoying the freedom and advantages offered by a dedicated IP address.

You have to log in to your Bluehost account to be able to get your dedicated IP address. On your cPanel, click the ‘Domain Manager’ icon. You will be taken to a new page where you have to click the ‘Dedicated IP’ tab.

  • Order Your Dedicated IP Address.

Press the ‘Order Dedicated IP’ button at the lower left part of the screen. You will be taken to a page where you have to provide your payment information. Fill up the form and pay for your purchase.

  • Wait for It.

After your purchase, you will receive your dedicated IP immediately. But the propagation of your dedicated IP will take a couple of hours – up to 72 hours at most. You should not worry about your purchase not being successful if you do not see any changes within that time. You can contact Bluehost’s support if you face any problems after 72 hours, which is unlikely.

  • Expect Downtime.

Expect your website to be down during the propagation period. So, when you are about to order a dedicated IP address, make sure that it is not a busy time. This will enable you to lessen the impact of downtime to your customer.

Having a website downtime can be very stressful not only to you but also to your users so make sure that you inform them of future downtime. You should also make sure that you purchase a dedicated IP address when you do not have too many orders or you have fewer website visits.

But after the propagation of your dedicated IP address, you will surely love all the things that you can do with your website. You will be able to protect your users, your website and your patrons. You will also be able to add softwares and scripts that will make your website even more serviceable. Thus, the slight hassle of a website downtime from dedicated IP address propagation is all worth it.


How to Get a Dedicated IP Address on Shared Web Hosting

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