How to Setup GoDaddy Domain Name with Hostgator Web Hosting

How to Setup GoDaddy Domain Name with Hostgator Web Hosting

If you want to use a GoDaddy domain name on your Hostgator account, you need to know how to setup GoDaddy domain name with Hostgator web hosting. Because your domain name and your web hosting plan are from different providers, you need to do the linking yourself.

Domain name providers and web hosting companies will only link your domain name and your web hosting plan together if you have purchased from the same provider. Thus, if you want to purchase the two from different sources, which is what webmasters and programmers recommend, learn to set up your domain name to your web hosting account.

Setting Up Your GoDaddy Domain Name to Your Hostgator Web Hosting

To set up your GoDaddy domain name to your Hostgator web hosting, you only need to add it to your web hosting account by logging in to your cPanel. Follow the steps below to be able to complete the process.

  • Setting Up Your Domain Name to Your Web Hosting

Setting up your domain name is really easy. You just have to enter it to your web hosting and you are done. But, there are also additional details that you need to prepare before you do this so that the process will be much easier.

You also have to come up with an ftp username and password. These will be the ones that you are going to use to log in to your ftp client so that you can upload your files on your server via ftp. These files will be put on your directory root, which you would also provide the name for, so that they will be saved and made available on the Internet.

Thus, when you log in to your cPanel on Hostgator, you need to have all of these already saved on a notepad for easier transaction. Go to the ‘Domains’ category and click the ‘Addon Domains’ icon. You will see the form where you will have to enter those details. And as you can see, you need to provide the password twice for confirmation purposes. This will prevent you from entering a wrong or mistyped password.

Hit the ‘Add Domain’ button after entering all the information on the fields and you are done. But, before you can have your domain name point to your server, you still need to do a simple step.

  • Change Your DNS Settings

The additional step will be to change your GoDaddy domain name DNS settings. Just log in to your GoDaddy account; hit ‘Launch’ beside ‘Domains’, then choose the domain name that you need to edit. You will see the ‘Nameservers’ menu, hit ‘Manage’. Then, choose ‘Custom’ on the ‘Setup Type’. This will tell your domain name that it will no longer use GoDaddy’s standard web host server; thus, you can point it to your server now. Press ‘Add Nameservers’ then add the nameservers from your Hostgator welcome email then just click ‘Save’.

After this process, just wait for at least 24 hours so that the worldwide propagation of the DNS changes will take effect. After that, you are free to create your own site and upload your files on your server.

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