How to setup Hostmonster web hosting to use a GoDaddy domain name?

How to setup Hostmonster web hosting to use a GoDaddy domain name?

Using a domain name from a different provider than your web hosting provider, and vice versa, is a recommended move when it comes to registering domain names and web hosting accounts. Because you won’t have to worry about having your entire website, which means both your domain name and web hosting, to be under the control of a single provider, you can be sure that your website won’t be shut down when you have a dispute with your provider.

When a provider has the control over your domain name and your web hosting, they can do whatever they want with your site. They can even take it away from you if you have a dispute with them. So, it would be better to register your domain name on a different registrar like GoDaddy then sign up for a web hosting account on a different provider, say, Hostmonster.

Why Choose GoDaddy and Hostmonster

GoDaddy is a great domain name registrar. Aside from providing a good service to their customers, they also sell their domain names at very affordable prices. Hostmonster, on the other hand, is a great web hosting provider as they also provide good quality service for such reasonable fees. Thus, opting to register your domain name on GoDaddy and signing up for a web hosting account on Hostmonster is a great idea.

Setting Up Hostmonster with GoDaddy Domain Name

But if you are new to website creation, you might ask: ’How to setup Hostmonster web hosting to use a GoDaddy domain name?’ Well, that’s fairly easy. The process is quite simple and doesn’t need any extensive knowledge on managing domain names, web hosting and websites at all. You just need to follow the steps below so that you can add your GoDaddy domain name to your Hostmonster account.

Hostmonster uses cPanel but the process of adding the domain to your web hosting account will be a bit different. There will be four steps that you need to accomplish, which are also a bit related to the common details that you need to provide on cPanel.

  • Step One

On step one, you need to click on the radio button that states that you are going to add a domain name that is not yet associated with your account. This means that the domain name is new. Type in your domain name from GoDaddy on the empty field provided for it, under the radio button.

  • Step Two

If you have already set your domain names’ DNS to Hostmonster, step two wouldn’t be necessary as the verification process will be automatic.

  • Step Three

In step three, you have to choose if you are going to use your domain name as an independent website or make it a parked domain, which would just be an alias for your main domain. Choose ‘Addon Domain’.

  • Step Four

In step four, provide the folder name for your root directory, which will be the folder where your website files will be stored. Click the ‘Add Domain’ button when you’re done.

After this process, wait for a day while the propagation is in process. After 24 hours, you can now access your website using your GoDaddy domain name, which is now hosted on Hostmonster.

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