Is InMotion Web Hosting Reliable and Fast Enough for Online Store Websites?

Is InMotion Web Hosting Reliable and Fast Enough for Online Store Websites?

Is InMotion Web Hosting reliable and fast enough for online store websites? According to its users and reviewers on web hosting review sites, InMotion Web Hosting is quite fast and is quite reliable. Thus, it is one of the best web hosts for online store sites.

Speed and Reliability

To know more about InMotion’s features, better check the list below and see why it is the best choice when looking for a web host that is reliable and fast.

  • Speed

Is InMotion Web Hosting fast enough for online stores? When it comes to speed, it seems like nothing can beat InMotion. Their server response is maintained at 200ms, which is the fastest among popular and established web hosting providers.

Because of InMotion’s two data centers, you can choose where you want your server to be hosted, which makes your server even faster. Because you can choose the data center that is closer to your target audience, your site response will be a lot speedier, which will have great effect on user experience and satisfaction of your visitors in navigating around your site.

So is it fast? With their 20 gigabits of connectivity over 10 gigabits of Ethernet connection, you can be sure that whichever data center you choose, your server will be quite fast. Your customers will appreciate the speed that it brings.

  • Reliability

When it comes to security, InMotion is still the web host to choose. They offer a lot of security measures to ensure that your online store site will be a safe place for your customers to transact at.

InMotion offers daily backups to ensure that all of the changes on your server and your website are saved and are readily available for recovery when something goes wrong. Also, their account isolation feature ensures that your website is protected even when hackers are able to intercept into an account on InMotion. This means that even when other accounts have been hacked, your files will be safe on your own account.

So, is InMotion Web Hosting reliable when it comes to security? Of course they are. They even have Raid 5 storage on their Dell servers, which ensure that your files are protected. This means that none of your data will be accidentally lost. The servers are factory-tested, which ensures that their servers are protected with high security features.

When choosing a good hosting for your online store website, it would really help if you look at the speed and reliability of your chosen web host. This will ensure that your online shop will also be reliable and fast, which will make your customers frequent your website even more. Having a fast and reliable server will also ensure that your files are safe and your website is always up and running whenever you need it.

So, is InMotion Web Hosting reliable and fast enough for online store websites? Try them yourself and be amazed at how fast and reliable their servers are.

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