Which CMS is Better for Blogging – WordPress vs. b2evolution

Which CMS is Better for Blogging – WordPress vs. b2evolution

When creating a site, people are always asking this question: ‘Which CMS is better for blogging – WordPress vs. b2evolution?’ Because blogging is one of the best ways to get lots of traffic on a regular basis, many online users that want to create a site look for platforms that can provide them with everything that they will need to create a great blog. And when it comes to blogging, WordPress and b2evolution are being compared by many because they both offer great features. But if you want to know which is better, read on.

WordPress vs. b2evolution

Here is a comparison between WordPress and b2evolution. Their features and advantages will determine which one is better. Find out which one you should choose by reading the comparison list below:

  • Uploading Content

When uploading content, both CMS offer WYSIWYG editors and enable users to edit HTML files. But, when it comes to copying and pasting, b2evolution results in a lot of errors, which makes the editing of HTML files a pain.

Thus, WordPress is better as it allows copy and paste commands without resulting to errors and failure in editing files.

  • Backend Admin

When editing the site itself, WordPress is deemed better since it enables users to just drag and drop items, while b2evolution requires a lot of time and effort to edit the site and remove and edit files, posts and comments.

Though, both CMS offer CSS, HTML and PHP editing, which is great for experienced bloggers or webmasters.

  • URLs

When it comes to permalinks and URLs, WordPress is more user-friendly as it provides options to edit permalinks to make them more reader-friendly and search engine optimized. On the other hand, b2evolution requires users to know PHP editing and coding to edit or adjust permalinks and .htaccess to make blogs more user-friendly in terms of remembering links.

  • Customizability

When it comes to customization, WordPress is still better. Because of the large community that uses and supports WordPress, this CMS offers thousand of plugins and templates that users can use for free. Paid ones are even better since they are designed and created by professional webmasters and programmers.

In b2evolution, the plugins are limited as well as the skins. Because the community that supports and uses this CMS is smaller, assistance from other users is not very much accessible. Plugins are also not that many and your choices will be limited in here.

When it comes to the best CMS, WordPress is clearly the one. Get the best WordPress web hosting.  Because of its compatibility to web hosting services, its usability and customizability, many bloggers and website owners are relying on the features and advantages of WordPress.

B2evolution is also great but their features are a bit lacking as of this moment. So if you are looking for a CMS that can provide you with everything you need and a lot more, you better choose WordPress. Aside from being user-friendly, it is also quite reliable and has an enormous community where you can get assistance to any problem that you may encounter.

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