Which Web Host Has SSH Web Hosting

Which Web Host Has SSH Web Hosting

SSH or Secure Shell/Shell Access is a great tool in securing your connection when making file transfers and executing commands on your server. Because it is highly developer-friendly and is flexible, most webmasters that need to manage their servers are often using SSH.

SSH is quite beneficial because aside from protecting servers and connections during file transfers and execution of commands, it also provides a way for webmasters to back up their files on a regular basis, which will lead to prevention of data loss during server crashes and malware attacks.

You should use SSH or Secure Shell/Shell Access if you are also intending on managing your own server while keeping it secured. But, which web host has SSH web hosting? This is important to know since not all web hosting providers are offering this helpful tool as of now. This cryptographic protocol is considered to be a new type of security application for web connections and servers; thus, it is not widely used in some web hosting providers.

Web Hosting Providers that Have SSH

Knowing which web hosting companies provide SSH is helpful in maintaining a secured server. Thus, it should be one of your priorities when looking for a hosting company. Here are some web hosting providers that provide SSH on their web hosting plans.

  • Hostgator

Hostgator is one of the best web hosting providers on the Internet. And when it comes to SSH, they are the best. Hostgator is the top choice of most experienced webmasters when it comes to choosing a web hosting provider that offers SSH because their plans are quite compatible with the system.

Hostgator also offers lots of beneficial services and features that help webmasters manage their servers more easily. Aside from that, their services and plans are quiet affordable, making webmasters able to maintain their hosting plans and their sites sustainable.

Their 99.99% uptime is also a great feature that all webmasters are looking for in a good hosting company. Because sustainability of a site is very important in maintaining visitors, Hostgator has become one of the top choices of webmasters because of their reliability and sustainability in terms of uptime and support.

  • JustHost.com

JustHost.com is another great hosting provider that offers SSH. They offer unlimited hosting plans and are also great providers of applications and features that webmasters find quite useful. Their plans are also quite affordable, making them a good choice for webmasters that want to maintain a site or a server for a very long period of time.

  • Arvixe.com

Arvixe.com is also a great web hosting company that offers SSH to their clients. They also offer daily backups and various applications that are quite advantageous for experienced webmasters and newbie site owners as well.

Web hosting providers are getting more and more advanced in terms of webmaster and website security. Because of this, it is important to be part of a web hosting company that not only provides cheap hosting plans but is also quite attentive with new applications and systems that can help experienced webmasters and novice site owners protect and maintain their sites and their servers.

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