Why You Shouldn’t Host Your Own Website

 Why You Shouldn’t Host Your Own Website

Why host your own website when you can simply focus your energy and skills to your core expertise? It is rather exciting to host your own website and build one from scratch. In addition, the thought of completely managing every aspect of your website is empowering in that you gain full control over everything. However, hosting your own website is rather difficult and unrealistic to say the least. Although experts make it seem like an easy feat to accomplish, web hosting is a complicated process made up of sophisticated steps and instructions. Unless you are tech savvy, you may need to obtain the services of an efficient web hosting provider to masterfully complete the task for you.

If your main goal is to become an authority in your chosen niche, increase sales, or simply gain an excellent presence online, here are more reasons why you should not host your website and instead leave all these tasks to an authority web host provider.

  • You need modern, top-of-the-line servers

If you are going to run a server, you need to make use or purchase one that is updated. You need plenty of processing power that your existing laptop or desktop computer will be unable to deliver. A hardware which features excellent processing speed, RAM, and an updated operating system are basic requirements so you can upload your website successfully. You may be able to build a website and upload them onto your basic processor, but you will most assuredly experience technical problems more often than not. If you would like to avoid crashes, make sure to purchase a brand new web server hardware– an impractical measure if you are merely building one to two websites for personal user or even for business purposes.

  • You need an updated web server software

Although majority of hosting environment these days are open source in nature, bear in mind that the installation process for all of these web server software and applications are rather complicated as well. For instance, open source data management system such as MySQL, Linux, and Apache among others will need to be setup properly. However prior to setup, website owners first must decide on which version is most apt for their websites. In addition, these platforms require regular updating and maintenance to avoid website crashes and similar technical issues.

  • You need a high-speed, redundant internet connection

Consumer grade internet connection simply would not be enough to host a website. If you are to carry out website hosting using a high-speed connection that is only adequate for typical office use, you will most certainly experience security issues. Websites that run on a server where other people carry out their respective tasks will expose a website to security flaws and technical issues as well. Moreover, hosting your website on a network with hundreds or even thousands of other users, you will most definitely experience problems with security such as exposing your personal files or system to hackers and phishers as well.

Another issue when hosting your website using consumer grade Internet connection is the lack or absence of backup when it occasionally goes down.

In order for your website to succeed and gain audience at all times, you need dedicated lines to support the traffic that your website will get once it is fully operational.

  • You do not have adequate technical support

In case you need technical support in solving hardware or software issues, you will need to solve them in an efficient and speedy manner. Delaying resolution will be detrimental as this means that your target audience will not have the ability to access your website at all times. Obtaining the services of a separate or freelance technical support expert is not ideal as this will further expose your personal file or information to individuals who are not directly involved with the control and management of your website.

Given the reasons stated above, you might as well give it a second thought before actually diving into hosting a website on your own. Still, the best thing to do is find a reputable hosting company that can provide all needed requirements such as an updated hardware and software system and can offer professional grade internet connectivity system.

Currently, there is only one trusted name when it comes to efficient and top-notch web hosting- Host Gator.

For webhosting needs, there are many advantages of using Host Gator:

Although there are hundreds of companies which offer web hosting services, Host Gator is known to be notches above the rest. For one, Host Gator offers inexpensive service plans without sacrificing processing speed, memory, and bandwidth.

One of the outstanding features which Host Gator offers is their cPanel; a standard user interface for web hosting which makes it relatively easy to manage multiple websites as well.

When compared alongside competing web hosting providers, Host Gator still offers the most affordable domain costs. VPS, and Dedicated servers. If you are on a tight budget, you will most definitely find a web hosting service plan under Host Gator that can meet your needs as well as budgetary limitations.

Other features considered to be advantageous when hosting under Host Gator are:

–          Unlimited HDD space

–          Unlimited network bandwidth

–          Unlimited database

–          Unlimited email

–          Unlimited FTP

–          Top coding languages available

–          Top security suites in place

Lastly, the customer support from Host Gator is impeccable. You get fast and efficient resolution to any technical problems that you meet when managing your website. Their personnel are knowledgeable and adequately trained to meet the needs of customers however complicated or easy the issues seem to be.

With all these great features at such affordable rates, there really is no reason for you to host your own website again. Simply place your trust to Host Gator; the best web hosting provider that offers quality above all else.


Why You Shouldn’t Host Your Own Website| Find a Cheap Web Hosting Provider Instead


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