Why You Shouldn’t Use a Facebook Page as Your Business Website

Why You Shouldn’t Use a Facebook Page as Your Business Website

Social media is essential in creating an online presence and building an online community for businesses, whether big or small. But there is no way for social networking sites to replace traditional business websites. Yes, social networking sites, like the giant Facebook, are a big help in creating presence, gathering new customers and reaching out to target audiences. But they don’t have all the features and applications that businesses need in completely showcasing their merchandise and reach out to their target audience.

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Why You Shouldn’t Use Facebook Page as Your Business Website

Facebook is quite a great social site where small businesses can reach out to numerous prospective customers. This social networking giant can greatly help small businesses build their business and expand their marketing reach. But it does not give everything that businesses need.

  • Facebook’s Incomplete Ecommerce Solutions

Facebook does not offer application, plugins and widgets that will ultimately facilitate the buyers’ needs in finding out more about a business’ products and services and actual buying of the merchandise. Of course there are various applications that Facebook business page owners can use to promote their merchandise; but these applications do not fully cater the actual buying process.

When people want to purchase goods, they may have to go to another website or contact the business owner to complete the buying process. This is quite a hassle and bothersome for most consumers and to you, business owners, as well.

  • Facebook’s Ever-Changing Platform

Facebook’s platform and policies are constantly changing and business page owners and account holders don’t have the power to go against those changes if they think that they are inappropriate or would just create more disturbance. Because of this, if you will use Facebook as your main business website, you won’t have full control over your page. You have to apply changes depending on the policy of Facebook; and this could gravely affect your site’s performance. This is probably the most important reason why you shouldn’t use Facebook Page as your business website.

  • Facebook Posts’ Small Reach

Traffic from Facebook pages to websites has gone down, despite the increase in number of ‘likes’ of various Facebook pages. Because of the algorithm of Facebook to show posts from Facebook pages to fans, many page owners complained that their reach has rather become small despite their efforts in promoting their pages and the actual increase of the page ‘likes’.

So even if you did your part in promoting your page and have actually grown your ‘likes’ and expanded your community, you will still likely fail. Because of this Facebook post algorithm and settings, many of your fans won’t see any of your posts; which means your efforts are in vain. This is particularly true for pages that are just staring out and don’t have many post ‘likes’ and shares yet.

Facebook is a great social media tool and ecommerce tool. But in replacing traditional websites, not so. There are a lot of applications, extensions, plugins and features that traditional websites have that Facebook don’t. Also, optimization and tweaks on traditional websites is much easier and possible rather than on Facebook.


Why You Shouldn’t Use a Facebook Page as Your Business Website

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