Why you Shouldn’t Use Go Daddy Hosting

Why you Shouldn’t Use Go Daddy Hosting

Whether you are looking for a web hosting service provider to create your own website or to transfer your existing website to a new web server, do yourself a favor and don’t consider GoDaddy.

Go Daddy has lots of complaints from customers who have used their web hosting service. Because of the numerous causes and issues regarding the complaints, many past customers are telling friends, family and co-netizens to find better web hosting than GoDaddy.

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Don’t Buy GoDaddy Web Hosting

Go Daddy is a giant web hosting service provider. But that doesn’t mean that their services are perfect and there are no issues on their services. Many webmasters have complained about a lot of things about GoDaddy’s web hosting service.  I’ve used them before myself and will never make that mistake again.  Here are some of the reasons why you shouldn’t use Go Daddy hosting:

  • Terrible Control Panel/Interface

GoDaddy’s web hosting control panel is hard to understand and use. If you are just a beginner and are not familiar with web hosting features and functions, you will find it hard to use GoDaddy’s control panel.  They don’t use cPanel or one of the other popular control panels that many web hosts use.

The control panel is also very slow which makes it harder to use. The commands that you are going to execute on your GoDaddy control panel would take a while before they are finally executed.

  • Manual Features

Many web hosting service providers feature automated functions that make the customers’ life so much easier. But GoDaddy has lots of manual features that take a lot of time to do. Website owners who are quite busy will find these features bothersome and totally time-consuming.

  • Slow Page Load

The web pages of websites hosted through GoDaddy are also very slow to load. It will take a couple of seconds before something shows up and sometimes, the web page won’t load at all because of server timeout.

This is quite frustrating both for the website owners and website visitors. The overall performance of websites also depends on page load speed. So if the web pages take forever to load, the overall performance of the whole website if affected. It will greatly decrease the visitors that frequent the websites due to frustration and boredom. A lot of website owners feel that this is the best reason why you shouldn’t use Go Daddy hosting.

I’ve personally used GoDaddy hosting for a WordPress based website.  Wow, it loaded amazingly slow.  I talked with their tech support numerous times on the phone, and they could never figure out the issue.  I moved the site to HostGator, and it loaded considerably faster without any other changes besides hosting.

  • Overloaded Servers

The reason why most websites hosted at GoDaddy are very slow is because of overloaded servers. Servers of shared web hosting plans are particularly slow because of the overcrowding of registered customers on a single shared hosting server. This is unfair for the customers and really frustrating on part of the website visitors because of the extremely slow page load of the websites hosted at Go Daddy.

  • Extra Charges

Whenever you need something fixed, improved or automatically done, you should pay extra charges. Yes, aside from the standard package prices that GoDaddy charges to their customers, they are also imposing additional charges for services that are often freely offered by their competitors. This is why you can easily find better web hosting than GoDaddy.

Even automatic backup of data on backup servers is being charged by GoDaddy by the month. Some of the issues regarding your web hosting that you are going to report to GoDaddy can only be fixed through additional services, hence, additional charges.

  • Good Customer Service, Poor Support

Even though the customer service that GoDaddy’s support staff is giving to their customers is great, the technical assistance that they are providing is still poor. The members of the support team are friendly but they seem to be incapable of solving issues. Most of the issues being reported to them are resolved, if ever they were indeed resolved, usually takes 48 hours or more.

Opt for GoDaddy’s Domain Name Registration Instead

Even though GoDaddy offers lousy web hosting services, it still offers something that is great and definitely worth your money – their domain name registration service. GoDaddy offers domain name registration that is superb and worth every penny.

So if you want to start a new website and need a domain name registration service provider, go to GoDaddy. Despite their poor web hosting service, their domain name registration service is one of the best on the Internet.  You can use the GoDaddy registered domain name with any other web host.  It’s simple to change the DNS to do this.  In fact, I consider it best practice to keep the domain registration and web hosting accounts with different companies.  GoDaddy is unusually my domain registrar of choice, but you won’t catch me using their hosting.  Ever.

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  • Fast Support

GoDaddy’s domain name registration support staff is quite competent in giving assistance and is really quick. You can contact their support team via support ticket, mail or telephone and expect response in just a matter of seconds.

The instructions and assistance that GoDaddy’s domain name registration support staff is quite clear and easy to follow. Many customers are commending their customer service.

In case of disputes and other issues, GoDaddy makes sure that they will do everything to make their customers happy and contented with their service. They are willing to make compromises so long that their service’s quality is not affected.

  • Automatic Renewal of Registered Domain Names

One great thing about Go Daddy’s domain name registration feature is its automatic domain name renewal. Registered customers can set up their domain name’s renewal option: automatic or manual. This is great for busy website owners who might forget the expiration of their domain names. GoDaddy does not take advantage of these instances and give their customers the chance to make their registered domain name renewal automatic.

This feature diminishes the chances of registered owners accidentally losing their domain names due to several reasons which resulted in non-renewal of their domain names.

  • Great Prices

Another great thing about GoDaddy’s domain name registration service is their great prices. The prices of their domain names are very competitive. Domain names that are in demand can still be purchased at Go Daddy for reasonable prices. Premium domain names are also much more affordable at GoDaddy, rather than on their competitors that also provide premium domain name registration.

GoDaddy is a great domain name registration company but not so much as a web hosting service provider and this is why you shouldn’t use Go Daddy hosting. So if you are starting out a website and need a domain name and a web hosting, better register your chosen domain name from them then find better web hosting than GoDaddy around the Internet for your web hosting needs.


Why You Shouldn’t Use Go Daddy Hosting| Don’t Buy GoDaddy Web Hosting

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